For live support, please contact someone in-world from the list below.
Click staff usernames to open their profile in your viewer.

Lee McKay offline [Residential Manager]
help w/apartment/flat/land rental
Concierge Support
Gaius Tripsa offline [Head of Security]
Concierge Support
Luka Requiem offline [Retail Manager]
shop/retail owners contact
Parker Droverson offline [Retail Manager]
shop/retail owners contact
Ritch Nicholls offline Concierge Support
Zann Baxton offline Concierge Support
Finnegan Chesnokov offline Assistant Concierge
Dextrum Boucher offline Assistant Concierge
Caitlin Mirabella offline Head Maid
Assistant Concierge
Divos Titanium offline [Chief of Staff]
Concierge Support
Adham DeCuir offline [Mayor of Boystown]
Concierge Support

In emergency situations you may ask your questions directly to the
[BT] Residents group chat if there are no staff members online or responding,
otherwise please leave a staff member an offline message.