For live support, please contact someone in-world from the list below.
Click staff usernames to open their profile in your viewer.

Lee McKay offline [Residential Manager]
help w/apartment/flat/land rental
Concierge Support
Gaius Tripsa offline [Head of Security]
Concierge Support
Luka Requiem offline [Retail Manager]
shop/retail owners contact
Parker Droverson offline [Retail Manager]
shop/retail owners contact
Ritch Nicholls offline Concierge Support
Zann Baxton offline Concierge Support
Finnegan Chesnokov in-world Assistant Concierge
Dextrum Boucher offline Assistant Concierge
Caitlin Mirabella offline Head Maid
Assistant Concierge
Divos Titanium offline [Chief of Staff]
Concierge Support
Adham DeCuir offline [Mayor of Boystown]
Concierge Support

In emergency situations you may ask your questions directly to the
[BT] Residents group chat if there are no staff members online or responding,
otherwise please leave a staff member an offline message.